Wario Land 3



About the product

  • search for treasure
  • Wario is invincible
  • enemies cause temporary effects
  • side effects are used to solve puzzles
  • explore a world contained in a music box

Wario (not to be confused with the related, though much less evil Mario) leaps back onto the Game Boy Color in a new side-scrolling, run-n-jumping adventure that’ll keep gamers collecting coins and dealing with foes until the wee hours. This time around, Wario’s fallen into a magic music box and needs to perform a few tasks to return home (clicking his heels three times won’t help). Hidden throughout 25 levels are four treasure chests and five music boxes–once he’s found them, he’s free. Naturally, Wario must contend with plenty of obstacles, puzzles and truly bizarre foes before settling into his favorite chair back home. In a cool twist, certain foes and power-ups transform Wario into the oddest of configurations that help or hinder his progress through the levels. Fire-loving critters, for instance, will set Wario’s pants on fire, sending him on a mad dash to some remote part of the level. A specific power-up flattens Wario like an unlucky Looney Tunes character. In this game, though, a flat Wario is a lucky Wario, as he can squeeze into new areas. The Japanese import version of this game released to much acclaim, so consider this release a good bet as a very replayable addition to your Game Boy pak library.