The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap



About the product

  • Challenging puzzles and a new set of enemies to add to the classic Octorocks, Tektites and more
  • Story-driven action as you explore the Minish world, with animated cutscenes and interactive dialogues for dozens of characters
  • As you play you’ll collect Kinstones to uncover secrets – match them by face and they’ll open up new points of the map, new characters and more

From the Manufacturer

There’s always been a certain magic to Zelda games. The classic formula should have gotten old by now, but it hasn’t. Perhaps it’s because we all identify on some level with this shy, unlikely hero. Maybe the games remind us of our own childhood. Or perhaps these titles are consistently of such high quality that we can’t help but love them. Regardless, The Minish Cap succeeds in all these ways – simultaneously embracing its links to the past while offering numerous innovations that keep gameplay fresh, exciting, and a true joy to play.