Kirby’s Dreamland 2



About the product

  • Kirby’s can now absorb his enemy’s powers
  • plus he’s got three friends
  • Rick the hamster, Kine the fish, and Coo the bird
  • Featuring 7 islands of adventure and 28 amazing powers
  • three battery-backed save slots

The original KIRBY’S DREAM LAND was kid-friendly, with its difficulty setting stuck on “Easy.” In the smash-hit sequel, KIRBY’S DREAM LAND 2, the gameplay is still fun for all ages but the puzzles are much more challenging and will keep experienced gamers happy. KIRBY’S DREAM LAND 2 consists of seven island levels, and each time Kirby reaches a new level he’s given several doors to choose from each one hides a sub-level. When all these are completed, the door leading to the boss is unlocked. Because KIRBY’S DREAM LAND 2 is much longer and more challenging than the first title, the game is battery backed and saves automatically as you progress. Kirby’s powers have also been increased; now when he swallows a foe he absorbs his powers powers he’ll need to defeat the final boss Dark Matter!